Dr. Irzan Nurman, MSc, EPC

Multi Corporate
More than 10 Years

Personal Information

Indonesian Doctorpreneur, 22 years has managed 9 companies in various sectors from health, technology, education, manufacturing, transportation, travel, import, and export. he was the first doctor in Indonesia to get an Accredited Coach from the International Coach Federation.

Become a professional Business and Wealth Coach for multinational and multinational companies, ministries, SOEs, with thousands of hours of training experience. This Senior Coach from Vanaya Coaching International is also a Faculty Member from Google Partner Indonesia. He is a senior coach for the ITB Young Entrepreneur School, Coach for the incubator program at DIB UI, Senior Coach at National Bootcamp. Currently Deputy Managing Director of UKK Pusbangki FKUI, a special revenue center working unit in FKUI.

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